“Mongols” is so yesterday: An open letter to Nick Martin



From our UK (Wales) representative, Diane Blackmore

A Tory town mayor has been ordered to apologise after he called disabled people “mongols” during a Swindon Borough Council meeting.

Nick Martin, Mayor of Swindon questioned whether disabled people should be allowed to have sex with one another, and said to shocked attendees of the meeting:

“They aren’t still letting those mongols have sex with each other are they?”

This is our open letter to Mr. Martin:

Dear Mr Martin,

We write in response to the conclusion of the Standards Committee Panel, and your public “apology” for using a word you now agree you shouldn’t have.

Firstly, the use of the word Mongol is extremely outdated. For the past 50 years it has been considered a term of insult and we find your remarks derogatory. We strive for a world without labels and where people are respected in their own right. The vast majority of children born with Down syndrome will go on to complete their education, get jobs, and live largely independent lives. These people are not a burden to society; they are loved and valued. We are staggered that you firstly denied the use of such a word, which led to an investigation at the expense of the taxpayer, and hope that you will be asked to repay this if you have not already done so.

Secondly, issues relating to sex are for those individuals’ private lives; not for others to comment. Why should people with Down syndrome or any other learning disability not have sexual feelings and intimacy needs?

Finally, you are quoted as saying:

“I will publicly apologise as I have been asked to and I will continue to apologise”.

People deserve a proper apology and an acknowledgement of your wrongdoing; not a statement of what you have been made to do in political correctness.

Nick, you are in a position of public duty and your ignorance in this day and age is frankly embarrassing. People look up to your position as an ambassador, and your comments and ignorance have been viewed worldwide. Therefore, we desire to hear what effective action you pledge to address this wrong doing.

We encourage you to meet more people with learning disabilities and invite you to our centre at a time that is convenient for you. We want you to accept that your comments were made in error and accept these were indeed disgraceful comments, and commit to doing something to change that.

UPDATE: Nick Martin resigned from his position in response to this issue on 15 April 2014.



About the Author
Mike Sullivan, Spokesperson for Saving Downs
  1. Concerned Nana Reply

    Well said I can’t believe this guy is a Mayor. I sure do hope that he won’t be re-elected.

  2. Mardra Sikora Reply

    For the moment, I am speechless. And sad.

  3. Fire star Reply

    Can’t believe that ugly ass Mayor himself should be castrated , he one ugly fat stupid jerk with that ugly look on his face, hey Mr Mayor the zoo called their missing you at the hippo exhibit ,

    • valueall Reply

      haha….! V funny-thanks for the laugh-always need a good laugh to cheer me up after being so hurt by idiots like this ignoramus.

  4. Carla Reply

    It hurts my whole being that people srill think this way about our children.

  5. t @ Happy Soul Project Reply

    Well said Mike…

    • Mike Reply

      Thanks Tara.

  6. Sue Gaunt Reply

    Massive Respect & Congratulations to the happy couple 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Is this “person” for real?
    Mr Know-it-all who knows NOTHING

  7. Caroline Reply

    Well said. And his apology should of been more heartfelt to make a difference it just felt like he was doing as he was told

  8. Karen Reply

    He should be forced to resign, he holds a position of public respect and has abused that. Ignorance is acceptable if the person understands and truly apologises when wrong has been done. What a happy couple I hope they have a long and prosperous marriage.

  9. The Future's Rosie Reply

    What concerns me more than anything about this bloke is that he was ‘ordered’ to apologise which basically translates as “I’m not really sorry and I still don’t see what I’ve done wrong”. Thankfully his views are becoming that of the outdated and prehistoric minority. Together we are slowly ridding the world of this outdated stereotypical view. It’s a bit like the smoking ban here in the UK, the majority of people would never go back to smoking in public places because its disgusting (I was a smoker too and have this opinion). The further we move people away from outdated language and views about disabilities through educating the sooner we’ll all look back as a society and think “wow that was disgusting lets not go back there…”

    • Mike Reply

      Thank you for your comment. We love your blog and all you do to promote dignity for our families.

  10. HDavy Reply

    Awful to read how he behaved. He sounds like he views him self as superior to others that he can make such remarks. He undestands so little I actually pity him.

  11. Nathan Barnes Reply

    My little brother has down syndrome how dare he, he should get sacked the little scank

  12. Downs Side Up Reply

    Well said Mike. And now he is gone, until the next one comes onto our horizon. H x

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